30 years of family, success and passion. On the slopes of the Maddalena Mountains, in a quiet and green valley full of nature called “Vallo di Diano” (recognized by UNESCO as an important Italian Biosphere Reservation), Caseificio Campolongo has been working everyday with passion and care for its products and its customers, for 30 years.
Catello Gallo founded “Campolongo” company, with his brothers, in 1978 as a small typical cheese-making factory. In fact, after some years of experience in the chemistry dairy sector, Catello decided to pursue the local “art” of cheese-making, combining his experience in the multinational companies, with his values and traditions.

Growth and quality. Thanks to the skills, perseverance and passion, the small family-run business finally has become a real industry, with high technical standards. The most important evolution of the activity during the years, has been the transition from working exclusively the stretched-curd, to the production of “High Quality” dairy milk. Controlling the entire production chain of the milk, Campolongo has invested on equipment (eco-friendly and eco-saving), high qualified staff and constant research. Today, with a wide range of products and an efficient distribution on the national territory, Campolongo company is an ambassador of the local and familiar traditions.

Distribution. “Campolongo” products are distributed in the South of Italy, but also in the Centre and some cities in the North, and now it’s possible to order abroad (UE and Extra UE). “Campolongo” has several distribution partners in GDO and is always present during fairs and national and international exhibitions. Furthermore the company is often sponsor of charity initiatives and events for the environmental conservation.

Customer first. It’s extremely gratifying for “Campolongo” to renew, everyday, the loyalty and the satisfaction of its customers. The direct contact with the customers imply constant feedback and stimulation to do better. For transparency and trust, Campolongo labels contain all the information and the nutritional features of the products. The Quality Assurance Office make daily controls on the entire production chain, from raw materials to final products. Some of the most important products of Campolongo Catalogue are: Mozzarella (fresh cheese) and Caciocavallo (seasoned cheese) with the DPO (Protected Designation of Origin) trademark, recognized by “Consortium for the protection of Caciocavallo Silano”. Respect for the origins means passion, pride for its own job, willing to improve every day for the customers: that’s Campolongo philosophy.