Bocconcini are a type of cream cheese (spun curd type) made only with milk coming from exclusively certified live stocks, located in Vallo di Diano and Val d’Agri. This origin gives to the milk high quality organoleptic features. It has white milky color and has not spots (yellow or black points).

Bocconcini are very similar to little mozzarellas, they have a sweet and fine taste, with a milky nice smell.

Bocconcini 50 g

15 days

500 gr. sales box

 Channel of sales: SELF SERVICE / GDO

Bocconcini 50 g

15 days 250 gr. sales box  Channel of sales: SELF SERVICE / GDO
Ingredients –High quality pasteurized cow milk, probiotics, salt, rennet

Shelf life – 15 days (until the packaging is closed)

Storage – Store between +0°C and +4°C

Customers/Use – final customers, pizzerias, restaurants; preferably consumed between 20°C and 25°C

Lot –  with expiry date

Allergens – milk and derivatives

OGM – absent

Preservatives – absent