Cacioricotta is a typical cheese from the south of Italy, recognized as traditional agricultural product. It’s obtained by combining some elements of ricotta, with the productive process of cheese.

It’s usually small, with a cylindrical shape. It has a smooth and white surface. Solid and compact, cacioricotta presents some little occhiaturas (holes in the cheese) when matured. It has a very intense smell, with some scents of grass; the flavor is slightly sour. It’s preferably to consume it fresh; after 30 days, it’s good as grating cheese.

Cacioricotta 350 gr.

 365 days

Vacuum packed

Channel of sales: HO.RE.CA.

Ingredients –High quality pasteurized goat milk, salt, rennet;

Shelf life – 365 days (until the packaging is closed)

Storage – Store between +4°C and +14°C

Customers/Use – final customers, pizzerias, restaurant

Lot –  with expiry date

Allergens – milk and derivatives

OGM – absent

Preservatives – absent