Caciotta is a cream cheese, soft, with a round form. Its smell is nice and its slightly sour taste gives a nice sensation. Its consistency is soft and compact; its color is milk-white; the external surface is covered by anti-fermentation agents.

Since it’s a semi- seasoned cheese, the expiry date is merely indicative (if the conservation precautions are respected).

Caciotta 1,1 kg

120 days

 Channel of sales: HO.RE.CA.

Caciotta (an half) 600 gr.

120 days

Vacuum packed

 Channel of sales: SELF SERVICE / GDO
Ingredients –High quality pasteurized cow milk, probiotics, salt, rennet

Shelf life – 120 days

Storage – Store between +8°C and +14°C

Customers/Use – final customers, pizzerias, restaurants; to use between 20°C and 25°C

Lot –  with expiry date

Allergens – milk and derivatives

OGM – absent

Preservatives – absent

External treatments – E2015 and E235

Aging: 30-40 days