Mozzarella is a fresh cheese made from spun dough, produced exclusively with milk from local farms in the Vallo di Diano and Val d’Agri areas, which due to their morphology give a milk with high quality organoleptic characteristics.
No abnormal yellow coloring, blackheads or other stains; smooth, uniform, crust-free surface with a shiny skin of a tender consistency. Sweet and delicate flavor, with a pleasant smell of fresh milk

Mozzarella da 125 g

15 day

tTrap 250 g

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INGREDIENTS: pasteurized cow’s milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments 1%.
SHELF LIFE: 15 days in unopened package.
STORAGE: Store between 0°C + 4°C
CUSTOMERS USE: to be consumed at room temperature
LOT: with expiry date
ALLERGENS: milk and derivates
OGM: absent