Semi skimmed UHT milk is the one addressed to the mass market.
Even some high-risks customers like children, old people, pregnant women and the immunodepressed ones, can drink UHT milk.

UHT MILK (semi skimmed) – 1 LITRE

120 days

Sales Box

 Channel of sales: SELF SERVICE
Ingredients – High quality pasteurized cow milk

Shelf life – 120 days at the advised temperature (until the packaging is closed)

Storage – Store between +0°C and +4°C. Once you’ve opened it, it has to be finished in 3 or 4 days

Use – to not lose its nutritional qualities, milk does not have to be boiled but simply warmed up

Lot –  with expiry date

Allergens – milk and derivatives

OGM – absent

Preservatives – absent